Online Gaming Addiction


Gaming addiction is a term used to describe a situation in which individuals play video games to the extent that their lives and welfare suffer as a result. Gaming addiction is generally described as featuring social and psychological symptoms such as isolation, mood swings, and social awkwardness in addition to physical detriments such as carpal tunnel and obesity. Gaming addiction is often seen as an attack on the gaming community by gamers. Many gamers are hardcore, at times playing for 10 hours straight. Especially with the use of new technologies such as gaming headsets like this one ps3 wireless stereo headset, gamers are taking things to the next level. However, the goal in treating gaming addiction is not to stop the addict from playing video games at all, but instead to teach them to play video games in such a way and to such an extent that they can put other aspects of their life such as their social behavior and employment first.

Online gaming addiction is a separate but related phenomenon to gaming addiction. The primary difference is that online gaming addiction features the playing of online games over traditional console or computer gaming. Online gaming addiction is interesting and unique because online gamers often do not feel the social isolation that console gamers do. This is because online games usually have a social aspect which leads online gamers to feel as though they have a fulfilling social life even when they rarely or never interact with other human beings outside of a virtual setting.

Online gaming has several seductive and invasive aspects which can lead to problems in addictive personalities. First, online gaming is usually based upon in-game achievements, leading gamers to feel as though they had actually accomplished something at the end of each day, even if their living conditions and social life are suffering. Secondly, online gaming can be incredibly time consuming. Such games are usually impossible to “beat” and so there is always something new to do. If a gamer has trouble setting realistic limitations for their selves they may find themselves playing the game for far longer than they intended and not entirely intentionally.

Treatment for online gaming addiction usually involves a period of abstinence followed by teaching the gamer to self-enforce time management restrictions. Treatment for online gaming addiction also generally involves teaching the gamer to manage their priorities better. Employment and a fulfilling social life are stressed as being more important to the gamer than the game. Most online gaming addicts are proud of their in-game characters and can loathe surrendering an opportunity to gain a unique item or build their character. Breaking this ideology is the most important step to helping them change their habits.

Useful Windows 7 Tips & Tricks


Windows 7 is a wonderful operating system on its own credit. However, Windows 7 is made even more desirable by filling a unique position between two less appreciated systems: Windows Vista and Windows 8. Windows 7 understood the compromise between simplicity and innovation, and as a result Windows 7 is fairly easy to use but can also be very empowering to a person willing to learn the tricks of the operating system. Below are a few nifty Windows 7 tricks which can make your overall experience more enjoyable.

1) Most Windows operating systems, and Windows 7 included use a number of shortcuts that can allow the user to perform more complicated jobs much quicker than otherwise. For example, holding the control button on windows 7 and pressing any of a number of letters will have different effects. CTRL + C, for instance will copy highlighted text, while CTRL + V will paste it. Learning control commands can make a user much quicker at computer mobility.

2) You can move your taskbar (the bar usually at the bottom of the screen) to either side or to the top of your screen. Many users do this on accident at some point during their user experience, however you can do it intentionally by holding a left click on the bar and pulling it to the place you want it. Often the taskbar is locked to prevent this from happening accidentally. However, you can right click the taskbar, unclick lock taskbar, and then re-click lock taskbar after you move the bar.

3) If you press start you will notice a search box at the bottom of the screen. You can type program name in here to get to it quicker than searching through your start menus. However, this search box also has another more useful feature. It can be used to find commonly hidden programs such as your computer’s self-diagnostic program.

4) Have you ever wanted to save a picture of something you were up to and could not figure out how? Windows 7 has a useful tool which can be found in the accessories section of the start menu called the snipping tool. The snipping tool can take pictures of any portion of your computer screen and save it as a picture. This can be used to take pictures on websites with annoying editing prevention software or to copy a receipt in an open program that doesn’t have a built in save feature.

Jobs in the Video Game Industry


Many people wrongly think that they want to be a programmer because they want to work in the gaming industry making games and that is the only job they can think of that is involved. While many employees in the video game industry are programmers there are also many other employees needed in order to market games successfully.

A large number of writers are involved on any given game, and most writers have unique projects within the game that are entirely their own. For example, writers may work together to complete the main story, but any given side quest or character dialogue may be the painstaking result of a single writer’s hard work.

Animators are deeply involved in the creative process of a game. Animators create a series of concept art images which are used to guide and inspire the programmers who actually create the game. Animators can be seen as the intermediaries between the writer’s visions and the programming department.

Game Testing is an entry level position that does not pay much, but can be a way of getting your foot in the door at a gaming company. Just don’t assume that you are being paid to play games all day. Game testers need to find glitches and record / reproduce them, which often requires painstaking attention to detail and long hours.

Video Games rely heavily on voice acting in order to convey their characters’ emotions and personality. In many cases the difference between a bland character and an exciting or captivating one is the result of a voice actor or actress’s performance. One potentially nice thing about voice acting is that you are not limited to the video game industry. Voice acting in video games is not terribly different from voice acting anywhere else, with the exception of project volume.

PR specialists and marketing specialists work together with other members of a gaming company to make sure that the game sells well. These people are responsible for many elements of the game’s marketing strategy such as organizing interviews, setting up appearances at venues such as E3, making commercials and advertisements, and even setting up promotional goals for programmers, such as bonus content for purchasing the game in a specific way.

These days, Translators are used more and more often in the gaming industry. Modern games are marketed worldwide and each game needs to be translated for each area that it is intended to reach.

Does Netflix Use Alot of Data?


If you have recently purchased a laptop, tablet, or smartphone your new buying experience may have come bundled with an introduction into the world of data. Data is not something that PC users traditionally worried about. You pay your bill every month and as a result you have internet. There usually aren’t limits on how much data you can use, or at least not in the way that you encounter them on mobile devices. In fact, almost all mobile users need to worry about data stipulations.

Those with limited data plans need to worry about going over because this can lead to high usage fees, but even those with unlimited plans need to be concerned because modern unlimited data plans usually have hidden limits. Going past those limits your speed can drop your browsing and downloading speeds dramatically. As a result, many data users once disabled data completely. However these days the internet is becoming consistently more important in our daily lives. Now, most mobile users carefully monitor their data usage or set hard limits via their mobile device’s settings for how much data their devices can consume.

In addition to the above tactics, it is also generally fruitful to monitor how much data particular applications are using, since they can vary greatly. High data applications should only be used sparingly outside of a wifi environment as they can rapidly lead users to maxing out their monthly data allotments, sometimes in less than a few hours. A particularly dangerous form of data usage is streaming. Streaming videos is different from downloading them onto your device to watch at your convenience. Streaming is when a user watches a video that is being pulled from a website via their device. For example, Youtube videos are one form of streaming.

Another prominent application that makes use of streaming is Netflix. Users need to be careful when using Netflix streaming on a mobile device when not on wifi because Netflix can drain data extremely quickly. For instance, recent estimates have shown that on the most basic Netflix movie quality watching Netflix drains data at about a third of a gigabyte per hour. The highest Netflix video quality drains data at over 2 gigabytes per hour, meaning that it is over four times greater than the standard quality draining. For comparison, AT&T offers mobile data plans ranging from 1-20 gigabytes per month, not including unlimited plans. For a basic 5 gig data plan, one Netflix movie on basic quality would expend about a fifth of their data, but for a 20 gig plan it is only a twentieth. Figuring out whether or not high data programs like Netflix can work for you really requires that you know how much data you are paying for.

Skylanders Swap Force Characters and Release Dates

Hey everyone, well it’s this time of year. Wave 4 has just been released of the AWESOME Skylanders Swap Force Video game. And I just received a shipement email of my preorder of the special Easter Edition characters.

If you are be a mom or dad with a Skylanders lover into the household (or a Skylanders fan your self), you are wondering which numbers are coming out this present year and whenever you can have them. This convenient list may be updated with brand new info as we get it.

There is a wonderful website called Everything Skylanders that has a complete picture list of all the Skylanders Swap Force Characters.

Check out one of the high quality pictures that the author of this website has created.

Skylanders Swap Force Character Fryno

The very first thing to understand is the fact that this year’s set features four various types of numbers: swap characters, brand new standard characters, going back characters, and lightcore numbers. In inclusion, there are both adventure packages (a bundle with a brand-new amount, two products, and an unique character) and fight packs (two figures and a new multiplayer arena).

Battle and adventure packages will retail for $25. Swap characters are $15, lightcore numbers are $13, and regular characters are $10. Swap figures can change their particular tops and soles with other people (there are 16 in total). Series 2 and Series 3 coming back numbers have actually an ultimate “Wow Pow” ability. Lightcore numbers shine regarding the portal and also explode and cope harm whenever entering the online game.

As a note, all your numbers function across platforms, plus the Spyro’s Adventure and Giants figures are functional in Swap energy.